Friday, February 22, 2019

Columbus Spotlight: Ebb & Float

* I received this opportunity free of charge courtesy of the owners. This blog post was not required.

If you know anything about me, you'd know that I am all about taking care of my mind and body. Every month, I treat myself to a professional massage and I'm always looking for new experiences that could be relaxing and revitalizing. Recently, I visited Ebb & Float in Downtown Columbus (not very far away from my work) to see if "floating" is worth the hype.

First off, before I even got in the tank, I started my relaxation with 15 minutes in the most magical massage chair. I get monthly professional massages and I didn't think it would even compare. Boy, was I wrong.

After the massage, you go into your private room, shower, and then get in your tank to float. I was a little skeptical at first. What do you do for an ENTIRE HOUR? What do you think about? I really wish I could tell you, but your float experience will probably not be the same as mine. I remember floating around for a little, feeling the walls of the tank, enjoying the sensation of the saltwater on my stomach, and then I got ambitious and turned off the light and focused on my breathing. Next thing I know, the music turns on to alert me that my time in the tank is coming to an end.

Post-float, a shower is much needed. It felt so good to get all that salt off my skin and out of my hair. I then proceeded to a little area intended for chatting, meditation, and relaxing even more. There, I talked to the owners, Rick and Kymberlee, and learned about what inspired them to open Ebb & Float in Columbus. The entire time we chatted, they made sure I was comfortable, had water to drink, and never pressured me to get on with the rest of my day (not that I had anything else to do that day).

I probably could have stayed there for hours. I mean, look at it.

I know a bunch of people had questions regarding my experience and float therapy in general, so I figured a blog post would be perfect for a little Q & A. Here we go! (Anyone else read that in a Mario voice? Just me?)

Q: What does floating do for you?
A: There are so many benefits of float therapy, most of which I didn't know before this experience. It can relieve stress and sore muscles and joints, clear your mind, and re-center your mind, body, and spirit. Honestly, when I was done, I felt so relaxed, I didn't want it to end.

Q: Is the water clean?
A: Yes! Between every float, the water is filtered through a triple-filtration process. For the record, it is saltwater, so definitely not drinking quality.

Q: How deep is the water?
A: Less than a foot deep!

Q: What if I can't float?
A: I was thinking this, too. When I'm in a normal pool, my butt usually sinks. Due to the high concentration of Epsom salt in the water, it's pretty much impossible to sink. I even tried to hold my foot under the water and it kept floating to the top.

Q: Does your face get wet?
A: It might, but you aren't supposed to intentionally stick your face in the water. You float on your back and have the option of using a pillow to keep your head up (which I used). The only time that water got on my face was when I needed to itch my face/nose. If the saltwater goes into your eyes or mouth, there is a spray bottle of freshwater next to the tank to use. I also kept a towel close to the tank door, just in case.

Q: What do you wear?
A: On their website, they encourage you to float naked, so that is what I did. Honestly, it was relaxing. But if you're uncomfortable with that, you're always welcome to wear a bathing suit. You are in the room by yourself, so no one is going to see.

Q: Do they close the lid on you?
A: You're in the room by yourself, and you are in control of your experience. If you chose a tank with a lid, they will encourage you to close it for the complete sensory deprivation experience, but if that's not your style, no one is there to tell you no.

Q: What if I don't like small spaces/the dark?
A: There is more than one style of float "tank". If you don't like small spaces or the dark, I would encourage you to try the open pool-style.

Q: What if you fall asleep?
A: No shame, after I started focusing on my breath while floating in the dark, I fell into a state of relaxation similar to the one I feel in "Shavasana" in yoga class. You aren't really asleep, but you feel like you don't have control of your body. It just floats. Like I mentioned earlier, I immediately "woke up" when the music came on at the end of the session.

Q: Would you do it again?
A: In a heartbeat.

If you're looking for a new way to relax, I would definitely give this spot a try. I can't wait to go back and try a different style of tank. You can book an appointment and see availability by clicking here.

Is there anything else you want to know about float therapy? Drop me a comment.

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