Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Pros and Cons to Living Alone

I can't believe that I've been in Columbus for two full years. I just resigned my lease for the third time and it hit me how I haven't had a roommate since college. Not that I'm complaining, flyin' solo is a life that I chose for myself.

I've definitely loved living on my own, but when I got the offer to move into a two bedroom apartment in my complex with discounted rent, you bet your ass that I considered it. Having a roommate would save me $300 a month, but then I'd have to share a space. So many things to consider.

I know some of you share this struggle. Living on your own does have it's ups and downs, and I'm here to spell it out for you so you can decide if this lifestyle is for you.

Pro: This is your space. You get to do whatever you want with it.

Con: This is your mess and you have to clean it up.

Pro: You can come home from a long day and walk around without a bra or pants on.

Pro: You don't have to share the hot water, so you can take all of the long hot baths and showers.

Con: Living alone can be lonely.

Pro: Everything in the fridge, freezer, pantry, and cabinets is yours.

Con: If you don't eat it, it will go bad and you will have to carry it to the dumpster.

Pro: You can run the dishwasher and laundry machines whenever you want.

Con: Chances are, you'll probably let all the chores pile up because you don't want to do them.

Pro: You get to decorate your space however you want.

Con: Furniture is expensive.

Pro: You don't have to share anything with anyone.

Con: Rent for a one-bedroom isn't cheaper because you are only one person.

Pro: You can have all the peace and quiet you want.

Con: You won't have anyone to gossip with or throw random ideas off of at 2AM.

Pro: You don't have anyone judging your television show choices.

Con: You'll probably spend way too much time watching tv because anything social requires effort.

Pro: You don't have to deal with roommate drama.

Pro: You don't have to have people over unless you want them over.

Con: People automatically assume that you have an open couch for them to crash on so they can avoid going to their own apartment.

Pro: You can get a pet, because pets are better than people.

I didn't sign the lease for the two bedroom apartment. I considered it, but the cons definitely outweighed the pros for me, at least for the next year.

For those of you who live alone, do you wish you had a roommate? What thoughts go through your head? For those of you that have a roomie, would ever consider living along? I'd love to know.


  1. I loooooved living alone. I'm married now, & of course I love living with my husband, but when he's out of town (like this week!) I definitely revert to some of my beloved single behaviors - like bad TV, weird meals, & keeping the place as clean as I want it (which is much cleaner than he keeps it).

  2. Great post! I am an only child and was quite use to my own space. I have been sharing a room with my husband for over 35 years but oddly enough I still need my "me time" and often I will come up with a reason to drive somewhere just so I can crank up my music and sing and think without interruption!! Needless to say I could see myself in the pros and cons you listed!!

  3. the couch one is so true! and yes, pets are way better than people. Especially dogs. Miss you!

  4. I live with 4 other people and I wish I lived alone. Sure, they are all of my friends, but I never get any alone time and I crave my alone time. Even when I' holed up in my room, I can still hear everything that's going on. Plus, the roommate drama is REAL. Too bad one bedroom apartments are way to expensive over here near OSU campus, especially for broke college students such as myself. Living alone sounds like the life!

  5. I think that most of people want to go back for living alone after they get married. It's clearly that all things have two face (PROS AND CONS). However, when we have kids, our life easy going to be crazy. at this time, we may look for a right place for living.