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30 Date Ideas That Don't Involve Alcohol

Not everyone drinks alcohol and that is perfectly OK. Some people, though, may find it strange because it can be a way to "let loose", especially when meeting someone for the first time, like on a date. I, personally, am not a fan of drinking and will avoid it if I can. It allows me to really get to know someone. 

 So, here I am making a list of things you can do that don't involve alcohol.
Side note: Please don't ever let anyone ever pressure you into drinking, even your best friend.

Whether you are going on a first date, a friend date (shoutout to Bumble BFF for hooking me up with a pretty rad girl gang), or looking for some new ideas of things to do with your current SO, I hope this list inspires you to enjoy time together without alcohol, because it can be just as fun.

     Go on a coffee date
This might be a super cliche first date idea, but I always push for meeting at a coffee shop rather than a bar. Sit down and talk for an hour; if it doesn't go well, there is no pressure to continue after you part ways. If it goes well, then great.

     Go on a nature walk
Keep it casual, stick to marked trails, and don't get too sweaty. You'll be able to converse and get your steps in, always a win in my book.

     Play mini golf / Top Golf
Even if you aren't a golfer, these "golfing" activities can actually be a lot of fun. Everyone loves a little competition and you'll definitely be laughing at how bad your swing is.

     Try a new restaurant
You could always stick with your comfort zone, but why not get out and try a restaurant you both have never been to? The food can be the highlight of the conversation, and you don't even have to force it!

     Go to a comedy club
Everyone likes to laugh. (If you don't, I don't think you are human.) Hit up a comedy club - or an open mic - for a good laugh. No drinking necessary to have a good time, but the option is there.

     Visit the zoo / aquarium
A very low-key date, for sure. Enjoy each other's company and look at some cute animals or pretty fish.

     Hit up a local food event
I know Columbus has an awesome food scene, and I'm sure other cities do too. Facebook is a great resource for finding out all the of the foodie events, there are tons of them every week.

     Go to a trivia night
Want to see who has the most useless knowledge? Trivia night is always a good idea. This is another date night that could potentially have alcohol involved, but it doesn't have to. Drinking might even hinder your ability to answer correctly though.

     Go to a workout class together
This might get a little interesting. Pick something fun, like Zumba, kickboxing, or hot yoga. You won't have much time to talk during the class but if fitness is something you are both passionate about, it'll be good to build that connection.

     Paint-A-Plate (or other DIY venues)
I love showing my crafty side. Get some studio time and get your paint on. In a week (or less) you'll have something awesome to display from your date.

     Go rock climbing
Indoors or outdoors, there are options here. Rock climbing is a serious workout, and also a huge trust exercise. Be sure to encourage your partner as they climb too! Cheer for them when they reach the top.

     Play tennis
I'm not super fit, but tennis is a sport I'm able to play. Short sprints allow me to feel like I'm getting a workout in, but also enjoying quality time out in the sun with my partner.

     Go kayaking / canoeing
Up for some adventure? Kayaking could be fun. If you want more of a "team" experience, get a canoe and work together. Be sure to enjoy the trail and enjoy each other's company more.

     Spend the day at the pool
Another summer adventure, but this one is way more laid back. Put on your cutest swimsuit, grab a book and lay out in the sun. Feel free to show off and jump in the pool (and maybe splash them a little). Make sure to wear sunscreen because nothing is more unattractive than a sunburn - but it could also be a good talking point.

     Go to a concert
Have a similar taste in music? Concerts are the way to go. My favorite venues are the outdoor one with open seating in the grass. Grab a blanket and enjoy all the good vibes.

     Visit a farmer's market
Nothing better than fresh produce and meat, am I right? I personally prefer farmer's markets to grocery shopping at Kroger. You can wander around, pick out the best-looking strawberries and connect with your partner.

     Have a picnic
Take what you just bought at the farmer's market (or bring food from home) and make a picnic out of it. Find a shaded area in a park and remember to bring a blanket. After you're done eating, you can just relax and enjoy each other's company!

     Hike in the woods
If you're feeling adventurous, wander off the path on your nature walk and make your own journey. Hiking can create its own challenges and you can work as a team to overcome nature.

     Go on a bike ride
You don't have to go fast, just go. Biking can be enjoyable but can also be brutal for your sit-bones if you aren't used to it. Pick a trail with a view and enjoy!

     Go to a sporting event
Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or not, sporting events can be fun. I always say that it's more fun watching it live solely because of the atmosphere. My personal favorite sports to watch live are baseball, soccer, and hockey. Make sure you get some overpriced food in the arena too, that completes the experience.

     Take a cooking class
A cooking class would be a good way to bond, for sure. Learn how to cook something awesome together and the enjoy eating the results. On the second date, you can recreate it without the instructors!

Challenge your partner to a race and make bets on who will win - make sure you kick their ass, cheating is always encouraged.

     Play laser tag
Remember back in middle school when everyone's birthday party was at laser tag? Who says you have to grow up?

     Go bowling
I feel like this is the most underrated date ever. Bowling is a lot of fun and can easily be made into a competition. Keep the bumpers down for an added challenge - and more laughs because of all the gutter balls.

     Go to the movies
Cliche, yes, but always a good idea. I suggest going to the movies after you've met the person because you won't get a ton of time to talk during the actual movie.

     Visit a museum / gallery
If you're more introverted, visiting a museum or gallery would be a good idea. The conversation will definitely flow as everyone will have their own options on each piece. Plus, it might give you the opportunity to feel smarter than normal.

     Shooting Range
If you like shooting guns, this is a good idea. If you've never shot a gun before, this is definitely a good idea. Holding a gun and shooting at a paper target is such a powerful feeling. Get all that adrenaline flowing and enjoy the moment!

     See a show at a local theater
I'm a huge theater junkie, so the idea of going to the theater gets me excited. Traveling Broadway plays (because I'm not in NYC) are my favorites. I can always appreciate a good musical.

     Cook dinner together
Why spend $20 a plate for a dinner when you can easily cook it yourself for less than $10 a plate? I've done this multiple times and not only does it save money, but it allows you to connect in a way that conversation across a table just can't do.

     Go thrifting / antiquing
Thrifting and antiquing was a date that I never really thought about until I was writing this post. Make a game out of this. Set a small budget ($10 works) and pick something out for your partner. Exchange and decide who knows the other person better.

This list has a ton of great options, and I'm sure that there are more that I haven't listed. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you are enjoying yourself. You don't need to imbibe to have a good time.

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