Monday, July 23, 2018

Columbus Spotlight: Studio614

* I received this opportunity free of charge courtesy of Yelp Elite. This blog post was not required.

While I am an engineer by degree, I do have a crafty side. Pinterest is probably one of my favorite inspiration websites, and because of that, I am able to challenge myself with some interesting DIYs. Recently, thanks to Yelp Elite, I got to attend my first string art class at Studio614, an art studio right near Ohio State's campus.

Walking into this venue, it reminded me of art class in high school, for sure. Except for the fact that there is wine. Studio614 is BYOB, which could be fun and dangerous, especially with all of the hammers on the table.

Before we got started on our art, we heard the owner, Meg, talk about how she came about the idea of this studio and got to meet the awesome team that works there. Everyone was so helpful throughout the night, they definitely wanted to make sure we were enjoying ourselves.

     Pick your pattern.
Probably one of the toughest decisions of the evening was picking my pattern. Studio614 had binders of pre-drawn patterns to use, like the state of Ohio, Block O, dogs, cats, wine glasses, succulents, etc. You could even bring your own pattern or have them draw your vision for you. The Pinterester inside me was in heaven. In the end, I went with the succulents as I think I have way too many Ohio-themed things in my apartment.

     Paint the board.
One thing that really shocked me was that the wood was not textured, we got to paint it on. I mixed the peanut butter-y color with the chocolate-y color (and a little bit of water) and made sure to only paint in one direction, but I think I did a pretty good job at making it look like wood! Don't forget to paint the edge of your board.

     Hammer the nails.
The hammering of the nails was fun. Tape your pattern where you want it on the board and nail away. It did get really loud in the studio, but I managed to avoid smashing any of my fingers.

     String on.
The trick to the string is to make a little loop around each individual nail. This way, if you accidentally let go of the tension on the sting, it won't unravel everything. You can try to make the string look organized but I gave up on that real fast. I think the random string mess looks so much better -- I also didn't have the patience to try and be a perfectionist.

Did I mention that I brought my coworker, Sally, along with me to this event? It was the best bonding activity for us. We picked similar designs too -- I might have copied her a little.

In the end, I'm pretty proud of how my artwork turned out. It took me the whole two and a half hours to complete my design -- I probably would have been done sooner if I chose an easier design, but for real, how cute are these little string succulents?

They have so many different kinds of classes: from string art to canvas painting to wood palette workshops, you can even host a private party or work event at the studio. I can't wait to go back for my next open class.

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