Tuesday, May 29, 2018

8 Inspirational Books for a More Positive Life

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I have way too many books for my own good. While I typically stick to dystopian fiction, sometimes I find myself needing a push in real life, instead of escaping to a world that may not exist. Sometimes I just need to hear someone else's experience and it inspires me.

Pretty books aren't just for table decor. They actually have words written inside that are capable of influencing and encouraging, motivating and awakening. In this post, I'm sharing with you the books that I find myself recommending to others the most. Yes, I have read all of these books and I swear I didn't pick out these books just because they are all pink.

     31 Prayers for my Future Husband
Whether you are single and looking for your person, in a serious relationship, or engaged and planning a future together, this book is written for all women and urges you to pray for your heart and the heart of your future spouse that you may live a faith-filled life. It's a great starting place for those who know they are called to married life and seek a future in heaven with God. Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

     Fearless & Fabulous
I get it, sometimes life can be scary. But how amazing would life be if you didn't have to worry about anything? You could live your life being fabulous (just think Blair Waldorf level of confidence). This book taught me that you shouldn't let fear hold you back from chasing your dreams. These ten strategies will challenge the way you think and approach situations, encouraging you to break out of the mold and be awesome. Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

If you haven't read Sophia Amoruso's story (or watched it on Netflix), I definitely recommend it. Sohpia's life wasn't perfect at first. She dropped out of school, was poor, and didn't know what she wanted to do. Now, she's the founder of Nasty Gal and CEO of Girlboss. She proves that everyone's path to success if different and that the road isn't always perfect. Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

     Make It Happen
This is a book that I  find myself reading over and over and struggle to actually apply to my life. The theme throughout the book is exactly what the title says: MAKE IT HAPPEN. Stop making excuses, or letting things get in the way of you living your best life and chasing your dreams. Lara, the author, writes from her personal experiences and encourages women to help readers find their passions and pursue them. Maybe one day it'll click for me. Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

     The Love Gap
One of my newest additions to the collection, I don't think I've ever related more to a book in my entire life. It's like it was written just for me. The concept behind it is easy. Men say that they want smart, successful, independent women, yet there are tons these women out there killing it at life, but failing to find love. Backed up by research and research, this book helps navigate modern-day dating and prove that women could, and should, have it all. Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

     Grace, Not Perfection
Another one of my newer additions to the collection, I've followed Emily Ley since back in my college planner days. The Simplified Planner did exactly what the name states, it simplified my life: teaching me how to make lists and organize my life a little at a time. This book builds off of the planner concept, explaining how to prioritize yourself and live simply. Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

     I Had A Nice Time And Other Lies
Reality check: meeting someone on a dating app isn't so unnatural anymore. As someone who relied on Tinder, Bumble, and a handful of other apps to meet people, this book helped me feel less bad about my dating failures, gave me the courage to keep going, weed out the losers, and date with intention. Be warned, this book is very uncensored and humorous, much like the authors. (If you don't follow them on Instagram and Twitter, you should.) Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

     Corporate Survival Guide for your Twenties
Written by a close friend of mine, I have promoted this book more than any other, and Kayla isn't paying me to. As a "recent" graduate and young professional, putting yourself out there in the word world isn't always the easiest. Even three years post grad, I'm finding myself struggle. Kayla's book explains how to get the most out of your corportate real-world job. Click here to get this book on Amazon. (aff)

"Self-help" books are becoming very popular, as everyone wants to share their experiences and help guide those who need it. You won't catch me writing my own book anytime soon, but I will say that these recommendations are on point if you live a similar lifestyle to me (and if not, they look pretty next to each other on a shelf or table).

Have any other recommendations or reviews about these books? I'd love to hear them in the comments.


  1. The Book Grace, Not Perfection looks interesting, I will have to check that one out!

  2. These sound like great recommendations, and I especially want to check out The Love Gap! Also, have you read Why Men Love B*tches? It was an interesting read... its' supposed to show you how not to be a doormat, but I think it taught me more that I've gone too far in the opposite direction- I don't let anyone in and I don't let anyone take care of me, so instead of seeming desperate, I seem unapproachable. If nothing else, it was entertaining. Werth checking out ;)

  3. Thanks for such a great list! #Girlboss is on my list for sure! 31 Prayers for My Future Husband looks like one I would love, too. One of my goals this month is prioritizing reading.