Sunday, April 15, 2018

Five Things You Need on Your Desk

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When I first moved into my apartment, I told myself that I didn't need a desk. Boy, was I wrong. A year and a half later, I finally caved, bought myself a desk from IKEA, and have been making it my cozy little corner to work, blog, or curl up and watch Netflix (because sometimes I'm weird and would rather watch it on my laptop than my huge TV).

My desk has become my "catch-all" for my life. Whether I'm working from home or reporting to the company office, I've found that I always have these five things on my desk, and they keep me motivated and organized daily.

     A desk calendar.
When I first got my desk, the first thing I wanted to put on it was a giant monthly desk calendar. Honestly, I think I enjoy this style of planning more than my weekly planner. The monthly view is perfect for seeing everything that is going on and since it's on my desk, as opposed to hanging on a wall, I'm encouraged to write more on it.

I also have a daily calendar, Advice from a Unicorn, but I'll talk more about that later in this post.

     Some sort of lighting fixture.
I swear I've probably had this lamp since I was a freshman in college, but hey, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Nerd alert: I recently found some awesome lightbulbs, the Philips LED SceneSwitch Color Change Light Bulb (aff), which allows me to switch between daylight (my favorite for taking photos), soft white light, or "warm glow" (which I think is perfect for working at night).

    All of the fake plants.
Fake plants are so much better than real ones, especially on a desk. You don't want to ruin all of that paper or technology when you have to water them. On my desk, I have a gorgeous orchid piece from Silk Plants Direct (which I received for free in return for this review), along with a tiny fake succulent from Target. The silk flowers bring brightness to my desk and fit in with the aesthetic of my entire apartment. Plus, my grandma loved orchids, and I love the color yellow, so it is perfect.

For 10% off your order with Silk Plants Direct, use code "BLOGGER10", valid on every order except custom. They have tons of pieces that are perfect for your desk (or coffee table, or front door, or whatever you want).

No desk is complete without a handful of trinkets. I, personally, define "trinket" as something that serves little to no purpose but looks awesome or "instagrammable". Good examples of this would be the candle from my FabFitFun box that I don't ever plan on burning but love to sniff, my fidget cube (buy one on Amazon - aff), my easy DIY LaCroix can pen cup filled with colorful pens, and my bedazzled stapler. You might even add a fancy coffee mug for show, but never ever to drink from. Make people imagine all the things you do with all of your trinkets.

     Motivational shit.
Lastly, but most importantly, you need some daily motivation on your desk. Something to encourage you a little every day to be awesome. Let's start with my Advice from a Unicorn calendar. This is honestly the best daily calendar I've had, and I owe it all to my old boss. She definitely knew my personality when she bought me this. If you don't follow me on Twitter, you're missing out on me sharing these daily quotes. The company already has its 2019 calendar on sale if you want to get a head start on next year. You can use this link to buy on Amazon (aff).

Don't forget to add some random things that say "like a boss" or "girl boss" to remind you that you are awesome. Sometimes, I wish I worked more from home and could invest in a desktop computer, but for right now, I'm loving the little setup that I have.

What are some things you have on your desk? Share with me in the comments.

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