Saturday, September 30, 2017

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Being the workaholic that I am, current trends and I don't mix well. I always feel like I'm behind the times because I don't shop (except for necessities) and don't venture outside my little triangle of apartment-work-church.

I've been hearing everyone talk about "podcasts" for years now but I always assumed it was something that I'd never get into. Music was more of my thing, and I relied on my radio stations to get me through the 30-45 minute commute to work.

Since I moved to my new job, my commute has been reduced to a 5-minute drive, which is not nearly enough time to listen to a full song. I've been spending more time attached to my computer though.

To make the work day go faster, I decided to give podcasts another shot, and I'm so thankful I did.

Thanks to iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, and the internet, I have found a variety of podcasts that I could listen to, most available on multiple platforms. In this post, I wanted to share my "top 10" favorite podcasts with you, and have provided links so you can listen to ones you think you'd be interested in.

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Serial was the first podcast that I ever committed to listening to. If you're super into murder mysteries, or crime shows like Law & Order, this is the podcast for you.

The first season follows the real-life investigation of a high schooler who was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, but can't remember any of the events that day, and the only person who can tell the tale of the night can't be found.

Honestly, though, I couldn't get into the concept of the second season: an ex-soldier who was a prisoner of war returning home to not be celebrated for his duty, but accused of desertion and possibly sentenced to life in jail.

Despite my lack of interest in the second season, the first season was really hooking for me and has me waiting on the edge of my seat for the story behind the potential third season.

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If you're looking for something to make you pee from laughing, Guys We F#@$!d might be one to check out. This podcast is hosted by two girls with no censors. Bringing in a new "guest", typically male, every week, they don't shy away from any topic relating to sex or dating or their personal lives.

Word to the wise, I suggest not listening to this podcast in a professional setting or with your parents in the car. Like I said, these ladies have no filter. It took me a lot of restraint not to burst out laughing at some of their comments. Other comments make me glad that I don't live the same lifestyle as them. I use the term "raunchy" with love.

One of the best part about this podcast is that you don't have to listen to these episodes in any specific order, there are over 200 episodes, and new episodes are added each week. Makes me feel a little better about the fact that I'm a serial dater.

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On a similar note to Guys We F#@$!d, This Is Why You're Single is one of those podcasts that I just can't get enough of. If you've been following my dating diary, you'll know that recently, I've had a string of bad dates and have accepted that I'm probably better off single. Listening to this podcast, I at least know that it's mostly not my fault. They even reference Cosmopolitan Magazine, which is not something I read a ton of, but feel like I probably should now.

Just reading off a couple titles will hopefully make you want to give this podcast a listen:

"You Ask Too Many People for Advice"
"Introverts Can Date Too"
"Celebs Are Not #RelationshipGoals"

While this podcast isn't as raunchy as GWF, it's still a little risqué and more realistic. All my single ladies, put your hands up (and take notes)!
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I thought about getting into Audiobooks, but I felt like that would be cheating on all the unread physical books on my bookshelf. Instead, I managed to find this gem of a podcast which analyses (what should be) everyone's favorite book series: Harry Potter.

Every episode is one chapter, read in order, and has a specific theme that they point out and talk in depth on. I've only listened to a few episodes so far, but they have pointed out so many hidden themes though the chapters that I missed out on when I was younger and reading for the first time.

My favorite part of this podcast is that the style of analyzing that they use is similar to "lectio devina", a religious reflection of the Bible. While I don't believe that Harry Potter is a religious text, it certainly can be analysed in the same manner. Also, they bless the characters - and the listeners going through similar challenges - at the end of every episode.

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Seriously, Sophia Amoruso is amazing at creating a brand for herself. Her liberating story has been shared through a book (affiliate link) and Netflix, and she now continues to continue empowering women through a podcast.

Every episode, she interviews women who are making their mark in their industry. Some of these conversations are insightful and humorous, giving me hope that, one day, I can be as influential as some of these women. My favorite episodes are where she talks to CEOs of companies that I am familiar with, like Bumble, ClassPass, the Skimm, and tons of others.

As a female working in a "man's world", I am loving the positivity of these episodes. If you're needing some encouragement or inspiration in your entrepreneurial goals or life, this is definitely the podcast for you.

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Similar (but not so similar) to GirlBoss Radio, the Good Life Project podcast brings on inspiring guests who have come across challenges in their lives and just want to share their stories and knowledge so that you can live your best life. From award winning artists to entrepreneurs, to people who just want to change the world, each episode is different than the last.

Each episode is different and offers a unique perspective. Honestly, this is one of those podcasts that makes you think and want to take notes to. It's like that class in college that don't have a set agenda or syllabus (do those exist?) and you actually like going to every day because the teacher challenges you to be your best.

Pick a random episode and give it a listen. Trust me, you don't be disappointed.

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As a blogger, I feel like it is my duty to support other bloggers. I've been a big fan of Lauryn for a long time now, I follow all her social media and her blog, and I love that she has a podcast with her fiancé/now husband. This is the first podcast I've really liked with a guy host.

On this podcast, they cover everything that her blog, The Skinny Confidential, is about: all topics lifestyle, social media, the business world, and, of course, health and fitness. All of the topics are inspired by questions that her followers ask using their hashtag: #AshHimAndHer. I also love that they don't make all the conversations about their relationship. Sometimes they disagree, and it's honestly the greatest conversation.

One of the more unique things about this podcast is that you can tell that it's unedited. They want to be as real as possible, and of course as uncensored as possible, and that is why I will keep listening.

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TED talks are great at inspiring people. A variety of influential people have hosted TED talks about Technology, Entertainment and Design, from Bill Gates to Stephen Hawking.

One of the more "real" podcasts I've chosen to listen to, Sincerely, X is a series of stories told by people who wish to remain anonymous. Why anonymous? Because they have ideas that could never be shared in public, but deserve to be heard. June Cohen, the host, has found the perfect stories to really engage a wide variety of listeners.

Ranging from victims to activists, I am a firm believer that every story needs to be heard, and it's nice to hear the truth that not everyone is perfect and even the best kinds of people make mistakes.

This podcast is fairly new, debuting in July, so it's a really easy podcast to catch up on, and it has me waiting every week for a new episode.

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Probably one of the newest podcasts I've started listening to, at the recommendation of a coworker, is The Brain Candy Podcast. Like most of the podcasts I enjoy, each episode covers a different topic and is pretty random and funny.

I feel like I relate to this podcast the most though, because the hosts, Sarah and Susie, could not be more different. I like to consider myself a mix of technical like Susie, and creative, like Sarah. They look at each topic from view points that I can easily relate to on both sides. Topics covered range from sports and literature to Election 2016 and fidget spinners.

These episodes are about an hour long, which is a little longer than the other podcasts suggested in this post, but make the work day go by a little faster and don't make me feel like I'm losing brain cells. Definitely recommend.
So many podcasts, I know. Good thing I have a desk job and have time to listen. Do you listen to podcasts? If you do, what are your favorites? I'd love to know, I'm always looking for more. Drop me a comment!