Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Irresistible Me Straightening Brush: An Honest Review

Guys, I've officially stepped out of my comfort zone with blogging: I made my first vlog.

And not just any vlog... a review vlog. I was sent the Jade Ceramic-Tourmaline Hair Straightener from Irresistible Me (for free), which could not be any more perfect for someone who straightens their hair 8 days a week.

When asked to write a review of the product, I figured that I could use this as an opportunity to kick start my new YouTube Channel, which you can find here. Honestly, a blog post alone would not do this item justice.

I honestly was a little skeptical about the straightener at first. While it looked cool, would it actually work? I straighten my hair almost every day and consider it an art because people actually think that my hair is straight naturally. (My hair isn't super curly, but frizzes and waves, and is super susceptible to kinks. I also have thin hair, but lots of it.)

Some of the awesome things I like about this straightening brush:

  • It's not super heavy
  • It doesn't pull my hair out
  • It doesn't burn, even when the bristles are against my scalp.
  • It heats up really fast
  • It actually works
Also, some tips and things to remember when using:
  • Don't use this on wet hair. It'll burn and potentially damage your hair.
  • Be sure to put heat protection on you hair before using any heat product.
  • Section your hair. It allows you to focus on certain areas until they are straight.
  • Go slow. Honestly, this cut my hair straightening time in half, and achieved the same results.

Check out my review video below or on Youtube.

Okay, so that was my first video review ever. I swear I'll get better with time. (I also apologize for the quality, but I'm dealing with a camera phone until I can afford something better, but I think it did a pretty good job.)

Be sure to use coupon code IRRESISTIBLEVICTORIA for 10% off your purchase on their website. The brush itself retails for $69, but is currently on sale for $45 (plus 10% off if you use my code), which is definitely worth it in my opinion. But really, that coupon code is good for anything on their website, from hair accessories to tools, to hair extensions, so definitely check them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Would you try something like this?
Also, do you want to see me post more vlogs? Let me know that too.

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  1. Your vlog is great, you did a wonderful job!! Can't wait to see more!