Sunday, July 31, 2016

15 Things That I Miss the Most About New Jersey

When I left New Jersey to go to school in Ohio, I didn’t think it was a huge deal. I had some friends I left behind, but they would be happy that I am happy, wherever I am. I was looking forward to starting life by myself in a new state. 

Fast forward six years, my parents just sold my childhood home and it really hit me that I will never have a reason to go “home”. My family may be spread all over the United States (maybe just east of the Mississippi) but there is something we all can agree on, New Jersey is a special state.

If you aren’t from New Jersey or have never left, you might not understand my list. Living in Ohio for six years really makes me miss certain things:

     I had to learn how to pump my own gas.
And everyone thought I was strange because I didn’t know how to work a gas pump until I was 18.

     There aren’t many legit 24/7 diners like there are in NJ.
Waffle House doesn’t count.

     Penn Station doesn’t compare to a real Philly Cheese Steak.
And the best Philly Cheese Steaks are never advertised as the best.

     No one knows what water ice is.
Free Rita’s Day was worth cancelling plans over. Also, it's definitely pronounced "wood-er". Get it right.

     People are shocked I don’t have a “Jersey Shore” accent.
Snooki is not my cousin and I do not hang out at “the Shore” all summer.

     The beaches are gross and filled with weird people,
but you went anyways, even if you didn’t want to go in the water. Also, the sand is definitely not as soft.

     There is no ocean in the midwest.
Some people here have never seen an ocean in their lifetime, which is sad.

     I’m a very aggressive driver, thanks to NJ.
My friends have noticed, for sure. I drive fast, but I'm always in control. 

     No left turns onto highways.
This might just be me being a transportation geek, but “jug handles” are always an option that no engineer likes to consider.

     NYC was a day trip.
I couldn’t just go to the Big Apple whenever I wanted.

     What team you cheer for is important.
Eagles vs Patriots, Phillies vs. Yankees, it's a war. Team rivalries are strong, and always a conversation starter.

     South Jersey is different from North Jersey.
I was born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey. In the 18 years I was living in Jersey, I don't think I ever "hung out" in North Jersey. It wasn't a side of the state that I frequented, so no, I don't know your cousin who lives outside of New York.

     In NJ, everything is 15-30 minutes away.
the beach, the mall, the city (referring to Philly in my case), grandma’s house, everything.

     In NJ, you are classified by your exit off the highway. 
In Ohio, you’re classified by the high school you went to. It could be other things in other states, I just found this hilarious.

Will I ever move back to New Jersey? I can't see it happening in the near future, but if I did, the first thing I would do is go to Wawa. Also, I definitely prefer the water of the Delaware Bay to the Atlantic Ocean.

Have you ever moved? Where to and where from? What are some things you miss the most?


  1. I moved, but only an hour away from home. I miss how little traffic there was in my small home town. But I don't miss having to drive over an hour to get to any good stores, or the 30 minutes drive to work everyday. And of course, I miss seeing my Sister on a consistent basis.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Paula! I guess I got lucky and where I'm from and where I am now are very similar.

  2. My hometown is Boardman, Ohio! I moved from Ohio to Pittsburgh, PA for pharmacy school, to Myrtle Beach, SC for one random year to live on the beach, and this past June I moved to Atlanta, GA! So I can definitely relate to you with moving somewhere new and missing home!