Monday, June 27, 2016

My Life as a RocksBox It Girl, Part III

If you haven't been following along with my blog,  you might not have seen my first or second post about RocksBox. Well, this will be my third and final post as a RocksBox "It Girl".

I've been leaving more detailed notes for my stylists as well, trying to get more jewelry that I would potentially keep, especially since I have "forever spend" to use from people signing up with my referral.

Since my last post, I've received three more sets, and each one I love a little more. It's getting so hard to think that I'm almost done my time as an "It Girl".

Set #5
  • Gorjana "Laguna Bar Bracelet in Teal": This bracelet is such a pretty color and it's not too much to wear with my watch. The only problem is that the thread is very silky and the bracelet almost slipped off a couple times.
  • Gorjana "Laguna Beaded Necklace in Teal": Firstly, I loved that this necklace matched the bracelet! Secondly, it can be worn 3 ways, which was absolutely perfect, except I really didn't know how to style it, so I only wore it once.
  • Amelia Rose "Cabo Ring in Gold and Sapphire Quartz": Absolutely adore this ring. It is not as bright as it looks in the stock photo though. I almost ended up purchasing this piece, but I was holding out for something better.

Set #6
  • Perry Street "Marielle Necklace": I asked for more statement jewelry and my stylists did not fail me. When I attempted to wear this necklace, it didn't quite fall right on my collar, so I pretty much gave up. I also already have a mint statement necklace.
  • a.v. maxx "Rhinestone Disc Post Earrings in Silver": Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I absolutely loved these earrings. They go with everything I wear, so I could not let them get away.
  • Nakamol "Mixed Crystal Five Times Grey Leather Wrap Bracelet": I liked the idea of this bracelet and wore it a couple of times. It looked great because I could wear mixed metal jewelry with it, like my watch. Although, since it was a wrap bracelet, it seemed a little chunky next to my watch.

Set #7
  • Kendra Scott "Sadie Spear Earrings in Gold": I love me some Kendra Scott. The spear shaped pieces are so unique and classy. I planned on wearing them to a wedding, but that ended up not happening (because my boyfriend chose silver accents). I did get to wear them a couple times though.
  • Perry Street "Sandrine Necklace": This piece made a statement, for sure. I wore it to work multiple times...because white and diamonds go with everything. Debated purchasing, but held out. Kinda regretting it.
  • Gorjana "Shimmer Bar Ring to Midi Connector": This is a unique ring, for sure. I wasn't a biggest fan of the connector at first, but it grows on you. I didn't completely hate this.

Again, I never thought that I would have ever started caring about the jewelry that I wear. It made me try a little harder and put a little more effort into my outfit choice, but it also make me feel a lot better about myself, which I did not expect. I am thankful to RocksBox for the time that I got to experiment with their inventory. This is definitely something I'll think about trying again in the future when I have some money to spend frivolously.

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