Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Life as a RocksBox It Girl, Part II

What kind of reviewer would I be if I didn't keep you all updated on my RockBoxes? Since my first box, I've received three more boxes to date.

If you don't know what RocksBox is, you should read my first review. A jewelry subscription is something that I never thought I would be receiving, or enjoy, but getting new jewelry is definitely one of the highlights of my week.

The stylists at RocksBox customize every set for you, which makes you feel even more like a princess (at least I did). Check out what they sent me in my most recent boxes...

Set #2
Slate "Total Eclipse Cuff": As pretty as this bracelet was when I saw it on the website, when I got it, I was slightly disappointed. I wear a watch pretty much every day and it just didn't fit well with my watch. So there was that and the fact that for some reason, it left welts on my wrists. Seemed like the little gems had metal underneath that was scratching me. So I made RockBox aware and they were super understanding.

Gorjana "Shimmer Mini Half Hoop": Again, another case where the jewelry looks cute online, but when you see it in person you're like... what? There really isn't any description online of the jewelry so I never know the size. Well, these were a LOT smaller than I imagined. I just couldn't pull them off without looking weird. Maybe I should have tried them in my second holes, but I didn't have any larger earrings to pair them with.

Kendra Scott "Rayne Necklace in Bright Red": This piece was the saving grace of the set. I absolutely loved this necklace (and I'm kind of regretting not purchasing it.) I had just bought a red band for my Apple Watch so it matched perfectly. even with a busy patterned dress, it managed to stand out.

Set #3

House of Harlow 1960 "Peak to Peak Fringe Earrings": I'm pretty sure I saw these on the Instagram and commented "#wishlist". (It's cool that they know what I want.) But when I got these, I just couldn't make them work, they were too large and dangly for my taste.  

Sophie Harper "Pavé Ball Layer Necklace": This necklace was absolutely adorable. (I'm wearing it in the photo to the right.) It was super dainty and could have been worn many ways. I didn't purchase it though, just because I don't need more dainty necklaces. But it's nice to try.

Gorjana "Carine Ring in Gold": This ring (also pictured to the right) was very interesting. I pretty much didn't want to take it off. It was chic and could have been dressed up or down. I regret not purchasing it. (I'm seriously going to need a list of the jewelry I want to request again.)

Set #4

Kendra Scott "Aston Earrings in Abalone": Couldn't really judge the size of these from the internet... but I'm not disappointed. They are lovely and they go great with the mixed metals necklace I was sent in this set. The question is... to buy or not to buy?

Slate "Chain Mail Necklace": I enjoy this necklace a lot. I am totally a mixed metals girl. And this necklace and the earrings I got are great for many occasions: I wore them for work AND for going out while I had them. Both of these pieces cost about the same with RocksBox's special pricing. Trying to decide if I want both is the problem.

Gorjana "Joplin Bracelet in Gold": Sadly, I don't think I will actually be wearing this piece. When I opened it, the bracelet was tangled and was just too delicate and I didn't think I would actually wear it. But it was worth a shot. 

If you are interested in a free month of RocksBox, remember to use my code: MISSENGINEERDESIGNSXOXO (yes, I know this is the longest code ever). I've had a couple friends try it and after a month realize that it isn't for them. But at least they tried.

Want to know about more of the jewelry, let me know, I'll gladly reply in the comments.


  1. Love Rocksbox!! The Rayne necklace is such a staple.

    Alix |

    1. It was so beautiful and the red was the perfect color for me. I regret not purchasing it from my set. I've added the other colors to my sets and I'm hoping they'll send me one soon!