Friday, April 8, 2016

How I Found "Planner Peace" for 2017

More than likely, you were linked to this blog from my "planner" Instagram, so you probably know that I am an organization freak. Here's the story about the planner you see me posting a lot.

A little backstory: I found the planner community on Instagram during my senior year of college and slowly realized that I'm not as crazy as I think. I wanted a planner... something a little more grown-up looking than my Lilly Pulitzer. I've tried multiple planners, binders, inserts, A5 size, personal size, pocket size... everything. The search for "planner peace" is a real struggle...

Of course, I couldn't bring myself to planner peace with what I had. I didn't want to spend a whole bunch of money on a new planner when I already had a functional planner (or three). I entered giveaways, trying to win stuff but no luck on big-ticket items. Looks like I was stuck with what I had.

Now being the planner girl that I am, I want to make a name for myself. "Creative and Media Teams" or "PR Teams" seemed to be the new thing. Companies give away product for people to use and post about. Well, I found Limelife Planners through some friends and saw that they were hiring a team. I crept all over the Limelife blog, the Instagram, and even my friends. I wanted to try one even though I didn't know much about the brand, so I applied to be on the team. And I was denied.

Sometimes it takes a planner to know a planner. When I was in college, I made a girlfriend through my sorority. She ended up becoming my little and I still love her to this day. I got her addicted to planning, and even encouraged her to buy her first planner. It made me happy seeing that I could influence her to become more productive and organized.

Because I love her, I bought her a Limelife planner for her birthday in December (perfect timing because her old one ended then.) Hiding this beauty was so tough because I knew she would love it. But while I was hiding her planner, I started to fall in love with it. The paper is so soft. The colors are so bright. The layouts are unique. I decided, I really wanted one for me.

Time passes, and I build up my knowledge about and love for the brand. I knew I wanted to get one for 2017. I just had to make it through this year. Just to my luck, they are hiring for their media team again. I figured, why not? After submitting my application and lots of waiting:

Look at me now. I'm on a media team. These ladies have become such an inspiration. We are all different but we all connect over our love for this brand and support all that the owners do.

Am I doing this for the free planner? No. I would have bought one for myself eventually. I just think practically and don't need multiple planners. (I feel bad because now I'm neglecting the brand new Filofax Malden I just bought, but I'll get over it.)

If you were wondering, the cover I got is the "Mandy" and inside, I have Layout C. I wanted to try something vertical, which is a style I haven't had since I college. I also got a fitness add-on, so I can't wait to show off how it helps me with my lifestyle change. Fingers crossed that it is planner peace for me.

Soon, I'll be writing posts for Limelife Planners, which you can check out here (I'll also link them from my blog). I hope that I can inspire you just like I inspired my little.

P.S. If you are interested in a Limelife Planner, use code VICTORIASENTME for 15% off your order of $50 or more. It's totally worth it.

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