Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Life as a RocksBox It Girl, Part I

A couple weeks ago, I was reached out to via email by a lady of very few words. I was confused at first. Without giving me much information, she asked if I was interested in trying out RocksBox free for three months as an "It Girl Insider". Usually I avoid emails like this, but I felt compelled to respond yes, so I did.

A little back story, I have statement necklaces that I was forced to purchase for recruitment outfits in my college sorority. Other than that, I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my jewelry when I wear it. I figured, this might be a nice way to improve myself and figure out what material things can make me happy (and maybe I'll know what to ask for as present for my birthday and Christmas, because I never know).

When you create an account, they give you a style test... a test that really doesn't have a failing option. Of course, I selected the most simple, conventional pieces, stuff that I could wear to work (as an engineer) and church and for the rare occasion that I go out in public dressed as a normal human being. They also allow you to look through pieces that they have and add things to your "wishlist" that way the stylists get a better idea of what you like.

I received my first box this past weekend. The pieces they chose for me? They are me.

Firstly, the necklace: the Perry Street "Elizabeth Necklace". My first comment is that it is very classy-looking. The small gems are a navy color and the larger ones are a baby pink/lavender.

Second, the earrings: Sophie Harper "Diamond Studs in Gold". I adore these. They are tiny, simple, and very chic. I have my earlobes double pierced and I feel like these would work as a main earring as a complimentary piece to something bigger. I am seriously debating keeping these.

Lastly, the ring: Gorjana "Pierce Ring". What you can't see from my picture is the awesomely unique shape of this band and the small little diamonds on it. If I wore more rings, I would definitely purchase this from my box, but I'm kinda waiting for a special ring from a special boy.

What is great with RocksBox is that if I like the piece of jewelry they send me, I can just keep it. They offer special "Insider prices" which are cheaper than retail. Once I chose which piece(s) I want to keep, I mail the box back and when they get it, they will charge me for what I keep. Then they send me a new box!

If you are interested in a RocksBox subscription, I highly encourage it. Even for me who doesn't wear jewelry often, it is awesome because it's no commitment. I don't have to buy anything and I can cancel my account anytime.

But for real, if you want to sign up, I encourage you to use my referral code MISSENGINEERDESIGNSXOXO (it's a super long code, I know...) and you can get your first month, a $19 value, FOR FREE. Yes, you do have to enter your credit card information, but you can cancel before your first month is up if you really don't like it.

My questions for you, the reader: If you have a RocksBox subscription, do you love it? Hate it? Have you purchased any of your pieces? Any other questions? Let me know in the comments.

I can't wait to show you more of my soon-to-be jewelry obsession.

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