Wednesday, April 27, 2016

That Creepy Guy At The Gym - a story

I'm not one to gossip or tell stories but this one is too funny (in my opinion) to not share with the internet. I'm not going to name names or anything, but that is mostly because I don't remember his name.

A little background: I joined my gym at the end of October and promptly signed up for personal training. I've been doing well and now I'm more confident in my abilities that I like going to the gym on my own time.

I hope you read this post in it's entirety and I hope I don't bore you.

About a month ago, I went to the gym like any normal Thursday. (I like to go later in the day/after work because there are less people there.) Now I don't know much proper gym-etiquette or whatever but, personally, I like to watch TV on my phone and tune out the rest of the gym.

So here I am, ellipticalling and watching Hell's Kitchen (because who doesn't love Gordon Ramsay?) and minding my own business. About 10 minutes into the episode, this guy comes over, hops on the elliptical next to me, and tries to strike up a conversation.

"What are you watching?" Hell's Kitchen. "Is that the British man who likes to curse a lot?" He's Scottish/British, but yes. "Do you actually like this show?" Yes. "How are you able to focus on the show and workout at the same time?" I don't know, I just do. "Do you like to cook?" I guess.

For real dude: leave me alone. I'm trying to do my workout and go home. But of course, I'm not a mean person so I can't just tell him to go away.

Next thing he says: "I'll bet your husband loves your cooking." And my response? Oh, I'm not married. There is my mistake.

Now here's some information about me: I'm 23 years old. I have a boyfriend. We've been dating for six months. He's amazing. We are complete opposites when it comes to working out though. He prefers to run outside and play sports, while I'm more independent and enjoy the treadmill and the gym.

But do I tell him that I have a boyfriend? No. Why? Because I never want to be the "I have a boyfriend"-type girl when a guy isn't necessarily trying to hook up. I don't know, this guy could have been trying to make a gym friend.

He continues to try to talk to me while I'm on the elliptical: "So when did you start working out here?" November. "I sometimes see you in the cage on Tuesday doing personal training, do you like it?" Yes. "Have you seen results?" Yes. "What other days do you come to the gym?" Tuesdays and usually Thursdays but it's really whenever I want. I eventually start to try giving on the vibe that I just want to work out and watch my show so eventually he leaves me alone.

After I'm done on the elliptical, I switch over to the recumbent bike for a cool down. He stops his workout to come over: "So you should text me so we can be workout buddies." Me: Well you obviously know when I come to the gym so there isn't any reason to give you my phone number. (This is me trying to tell him to leave me alone without being really mean.) At this point was when I realized he was trying to hit on me... yes, I'm slow.

The next day, after my training session, I was heading up to the recumbent bikes when I noticed that the guy was sitting there. "I saved you a bike!" Note: the gym is not crowded and there are plenty of open machines. I'm going to go bike downstairs for a change. I go and grab a different machine but shortly after I settle, he's coming downstairs and lifting weight about 100 feet from me, catching glances at me every few minutes as if to make sure I'm still here.

The following Tuesday, there he was... watching me at my personal training. Afterwards, he joined me for my cool down on the recumbent bike. More small chat. "What do you do for work?" I'm an engineer. "Oh, so you are smart." I guess. "Where do you live?" Up the road a couple miles. "So what is there to do around here?" Not much.

This happened again the following Tuesday after training except then: "So do you want to hang out outside of the gym sometime?" No thanks. I'm quite busy with work and life. If I'm not at work or the gym, I'm sleeping.

And then again on Thursday: "What are your weekend plans?" I figured now would be a good time to drop that I have a boyfriend, because obviously he wasn't taking the hint I wasn't interested in him. My response: Oh, I've got a date. "You dating a lot?" For the past couple month or so. "Have you found anyone worth keeping?" I like to think so. 

After that conversation, I got the feeling that he would back off a little. I started going to the gym on Monday nights... like really late (9:30 PM). It's nice because no one really is there. I found my comfort in a little semi-private room with some equipment and mirrors. Towards the end of my workout, I was struggling to finish with burpees. A random girl came into the room: "How many burpees do you have to do? I'll join you." That was encouraging. We continued to chat. I'm normally not for making friends with strangers at the gym but she seemed nice. And then she said "I know this might be weird but would you want to workout together? Can I get your number?" And of course I gave it to her right as creeper boy walks by.

Now this story is still on going. I still don't know his name. He still occasionally stops by where I'm working out to ask me how I'm doing. I keep things brief. I still haven't given him my phone number. He still continues to work out 100 free from me and look at me. I still think he's weird. (I have informed the staff at the gym how I feel and they keep an eye on him too.)

Morals of this story: make friends at the gym who aren't creeps. Don't try to go to the gym to meet people, unless you want a relationship completely based on who can lift more or who has better form. Also, when asked if you have a husband by a potentially creepy guy, always say yes (even if you don't.)


  1. Ahh, such a bummer that he's a weirdo.

    1. I mean, he seems like a nice person, but he's very persistent and I don't think he understands me when I say that I have a boyfriend. Sorry I go to the gym to workout. If I wanted to meet guys, then I'd be at the bar more.

  2. Oh no! How awkward!! Hope it all works out

    1. Hopefully he'll realize soon. Saying "hi" occasionally is ok but it's the personal questions and the asking out that are getting annoying.