Friday, April 27, 2018

7 Ways to Slay Your Interview and Job Hunt

Time to get real for a second: whether you are getting ready to graduate college, you just lost your job, or you need a change in your career, interviewing for a new job can be intimidating. No one enjoys being judged on their life decisions and previous career moves.

As someone who has graduated college semi-recently and has been forced to job hunt on a couple of occasions, I've learned so much about my industry and how I, personally, fit in. While not everyone who reads this post is going to be a female civil engineer, I believe that the tips I'm about to share are universal and can be applied in many different situations.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Five Things You Need on Your Desk

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When I first moved into my apartment, I told myself that I didn't need a desk. Boy, was I wrong. A year and a half later, I finally caved, bought myself a desk from IKEA, and have been making it my cozy little corner to work, blog, or curl up and watch Netflix (because sometimes I'm weird and would rather watch it on my laptop than my huge TV).

My desk has become my "catch all" for my life. Whether I'm working from home or reporting to the company office, I've found that I always have these five things on my desk, and they keep me motivated and organized daily.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Five Ingredient "Skinny Taste" Bagel Recipe

I'm so proud of myself, you guys: I managed to survive the Whole30 diet! In the process, I've learned what foods I can live without and which foods I can handle in moderation. I can't wait to start cooking and baking more for myself, and I'm starting off strong with bagels, of course.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

What's on My... Phone? 20 of My Favorite Apps

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Be honest with yourself for a minute: your entire life is on your phone. From your favorite music to your bank account, any information you could ever possibly need is right in your pocket.

Every so often, I decide that it's time for me to do some "spring cleaning" on my phone... getting rid of the apps that I never use. So which apps are the keepers? It's a tough decision sometimes, especially with new ones coming out almost weekly, but these 20 apps are my ride or dies.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Easy Four Ingredient Whole30-Approved Snack

I'm a whole SIX DAYS into my second attempt at the Whole30 diet and the cravings are real. All I want is cheese and ice cream and chocolate and croissants but I'm determined and staying strong this time. While my meal prepping game might not be on point, I do enjoy planning out different meals and snacks to keep this diet somewhat interesting.