about me

Well, hello there! My name is Victoria and I am the primary writer of "For What It's Werth".

I graduated college with my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2015 and have been working full-time in the field since. I recently made a move to Columbus OH for work and am loving it.

In addition to my engineering job, I am a volunteer high school youth group leader. I enjoy staying busy.

You might occasionally see me mention the fact that I have a turtle. Yes, it's true. Her name is Harley and she is a little over two years old.

Other than engineering and blogging, I love binge-watching Netflix, reading, and occasionally working out. I occasionally run races and other things that make me look like I have my life together.

I like to think that I'm funny (but I am completely aware that I am not.) I carry around a calculator with me at all times, even in my fancy purse. I will try any kind of food once. I am a firm believer that brunch is the most important meal of the day. I like buying myself things. If I could meet one celebrity before I die, it would be Gordon Ramsay.

So yeah, thanks for reading about me. I encourage you to check out my posts, along with posts I've written for other blogs. Also, I'd love to interact with you, so be sure to engage with me on social media and through the comments on my blog posts.