10 New Years Resolutions That I Intend to Keep

I'm only a few days late, but
HAPPY 2018 !

I know I haven't posted a blog in about a month or so... but I swear I'm not the worst blogger. I've been spending some time to work on myself, but also think about where I want to take my blog in the upcoming 365 days.

My 5 Most Recent Impulse Buys

To buy or not to buy? That is the question. 

Do you often find yourself debating whether or not to buy something? You add it to your cart, browse a little longer, put it down, pick it back up, look for coupon codes, decide against buying it because you need to save money, and then you end up buying it anyway because of FOMO (fear of missing out). Yep, that is the story of my life.

Apple Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe

It's definitely feeling like fall y'all. Time to start breaking out the blanket scarves, boots, and everything pumpkin spice. If you haven't already, get yourself to an apple orchard and pick yourself a heaping bag of apples. (If you're in Columbus, Lynd Fruit Farm is definitely my favorite.)

Once you've acquired a bag of apples, your first reaction might be "what the f- am I supposed to do with all of these apples?" (I know mine was.) You could make an apple pie, apple butter, apple crisp, apple tarts, caramel covered apples, the options are limitless.

Currently Listening To: Podcasts

Being the workaholic that I am, current trends and I don't mix well. I always feel like I'm behind the times because I don't shop (except for necessities) and don't venture outside my little triangle of apartment-work-church.

I've been hearing everyone talk about "podcasts" for years now but I always assumed it was something that I'd never get into. Music was more of my thing, and I relied on my radio stations to get me through the 30-45 minute commute to work.

Since I moved to my new job, my commute has been reduced to a 5-minute drive, which is not nearly enough time to listen to a full song. I've been spending more time attached to my computer though.

To make the work day go faster, I decided to give podcasts another shot, and I'm so thankful I did.

How My Apple Watch Negatively Affected My Life

I'll be the first to admit I have an addiction to technology. Desktop computer, laptop, tablet (with an attachable keyboard), smart phone, back-up smart phone, e-reader, fitness tracker, I have it all. This is what our generation has come to. We like to feel connected.

Do you ever find yourself purposefully looking for a reason to be on your phone? Maybe it's to avoid conversation with that person you don't like or scroll through social media because you're bored. People are becoming more reliant on technology, and avoiding face-to-face interactions and real life.

One of the "newer" pieces of technology, the smart watch, is hit the market and took off running. Everyone either wants one or already has one. Over two years, I went from a love to hate relationship with my Watch, and I want to share how.